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Catherine Bickersteth #ThirdCultureLady

The moist fish, firm kale and creamy risotto made my taste-buds hum with happiness. catherinebickersteth

Olawunmi Adigun – Facebook.com

Please note that when I get back I shall require to be fed with this. Thanks.

Timpri – Magodo

They [chicken wings] are the best I have ever had. I will definitely be ordering more.

Nosa – eatdrinklagos.com

I need her to make me wings forever.

Kola – Yaba

I am going to start a gofundme page so she can open up her own buffalo wild wings

Another Person – Obalende

Hands down best brownies EVER!. I am obsessed. It made my cheat day so worth it

Seun – Victoria Garden City (VGC)

your food is yummy!!!!

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