Crispy with a chewy centre, soft and cakey or light and crispy all through; chocolate chip cookies are the most amazing comfort snack. You say

It’s finally here. Starting Wednesday, March 8, you can order off this menu for delivery between 12pm and 3pm! No need to search for office

Lagos, Nigeria – Oct. 4th, 2016 – Chef Imoteda (@imoteda) of Heels In the Kitchen (@hitkitchenng) has been on the maiden edition of The Nigerian

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I’m super excited about our new videos!!! If you’re not following us on Instagram please do so ASAP! @hitkitchenng The videos give you an idea of

These are the things we used INGREDIENTS 6 Strips of Bacon – cut in 2 6 Sliced Salami 6 Bread Buns 6 Eggs Frisee Mayonnaise

The moist fish, firm kale and creamy risotto made my taste-buds hum with happiness. catherinebickersteth

I may be on vacation but that won’t stop me from cooking. The kitchen tempted me to make these two beautiful loaves of banana bread

Want to create a special meal indoors for your significant other? Looking to wow your dinner party guests? We will work with you to come

Imoteda is a Cordon Bleu trained chef who has long shared her passion for cooking with family and friends. She conceptualized and created the show while

This weekend was so beautifully hectic. We had Supper Club alongside @brownscafelagos, two private dinners and a lunch plus deliveries??? We were beat! But there’s