Canapés, starters, buffets, desserts… if you can name it we can create it. Ask us about our Birthday party specials and themed table decor.

Looking to brush up on your skills? Have a favourite dish you haven’t quite mastered? A couple of sessions with Chef Imoteda will have you

Want to create a special meal indoors for your significant other? Looking to wow your dinner party guests? We will work with you to come

First of all.. it was my birthday yesterday. Please sing for me. IF you don’t sing I won’t give you this super awesome recipe o!

So I used to go to Red Lobster pretty much for the biscuits. The seafood is just because I’m already there and I might as

Okay so I’m waayyyy tooo excited by this but whatevs! I’m allowed to be. I made butter the other day. Butter!! In my home. And

Sorry these pictures suck but the meal was sooo good. I had to post it. I will recreate it sometime in the future because it’s

So I don’t blog enough. I know this. I apologize.  I keep wanting to only blog about recipes but then I read other blogs and

Who loves sweet potatoes? I love sweet potatoes! And you should too!!! Served this sweet and creamy sweet potato mash with my yummy pork chops,

Yes I realize that’s a mighty big claim I’m making. But try this melt in your mouth, fall of the bone, moist sweet meaty goodness

No that’s not a typo, that’s how I really thought homemade was spelt for the longest time. Please leave me alone. I’m yoruba. I’m not