Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich

These are the things we used


6 Strips of Bacon – cut in 2
6 Sliced Salami
6 Bread Buns
6 Eggs
Red Pepper Flakes

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This is what we did
Fry bacon and Salami for 2 minutes and set aside

Rub some oil inside ring molds, place ring molds into the same frying pan and break eggs into mold

Put a lid on the pan

TIP: this ensures the eggs cook on top – the steam helps this.

Remove the eggs from the mold

Slice buns into 2 pieces horizontally

Place the cut side face down into the frying pan to toast (45secs)

Spread Mayonnaise on the other half of the bun, add two pieces of bacon, 1 slice of salami, 1 egg and a few pieces of frisee

Place second bun on top

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