Home made Butter? YES WE CAN!!! Buttermilk too:P

Home made Butter? YES WE CAN!!! Buttermilk too:P

Okay so I’m waayyyy tooo excited by this but whatevs! I’m allowed to be.

I made butter the other day. Butter!! In my home. And it’s super easy. And because I’m awesome I shall share this super easy way of making butter with you.

Sidenote: My right arm is so muscly now. I have two mixers but for some reason insist on whisking everything by hand. That includes frosting, dough, fillings … basically anything that could conveniently go into a mixer my sufferhead self decides to mix, whisk and fold by hand. My right arm is thanking me sha. The rest of me keeps gaining weight and it keeps getting more buff.

Back to this butter. I was on strolling around on Facebook like I do (yes I stroll around facebook) and I came across one of those spam videos about making your own butter in a mason jar. Of course I immediately decided to try it, plus I had a 2 litre box of cream that I had nothing to do with and didn’t want to go off. So yay for killing two birds with one stone.

Now the best part of this home made butter isn’t even the butter for me. Nope. One of the by products of butter is… wait for it….



Whoop. I’m tired of the vinegar and milk concoction that doesn’t exactly hit buttermilk on the head and you can’t buy buttermilk in jugs here in Lagos like you can in the overs. So making my own butter is great cause then I get butter milk. Thank you Lord!

So on to making butter. It’s really straight forward. You just have to be a little patient and have a bit of arm power.

All you need is cream and a mason jar. I had no mason jar that was free so I used a small plastic bowl with a screw on lid. And it worked perfectly. Here’s how to make you own butter at home.



Jar or bowl with screw top lip (something that fits easily in your hands)


Pour cream into your jar until it’s about 3/4 full. You want space for your cream to move around.

Shake like crazy for 5-10 minutes


Okay let me break that down a bit before you start wondering

After shaking your cream around in the jar for about 3-5 minutes (depending on how vigorously you’re shaking) you’ll no longer hear the sloshing sound of the cream moving. Open it at this point and you’ll find that you’ve made whipped cream! Go ahead and taste it. It’s delightful! If you want to use this method to make whipped cream, just add some powdered sugar to your cream before you start shaking.

whipped cream! Oh yea

Put the lid back on and keep on shaking. After a while you’ll start to hear movement again. Keep shaking for about two minutes and when you open the jar, you’ll see that the fats have separated from the liquids and now you have butter milk and butter!



Pour out the butter milk into a different bowl


Make sure you save your buttermilk. I used mine to make some delicious buttermilk biscuits. Recipe coming really soon.

Now the buttermilk will make your butter go rancid really quickly so you need to rinse it.

Pour in some cold water (proper cold not naija tap water that is warm) and knead the butter a bit with your finger tips to mold it together (as you can see it’s sort of like little nuggets or bubbles of butter) and squeeze the buttermilk out  from it.

Drain the butter and knead again to get rid of any water in it. At this point you can add a bit of salt (if you want salted butter or fresh herbs, garlic, etc.) Season it your way. I left mine plain cause I might have to cook with it.

Transfer to a plate or butter dish and put in the fridge. Because your home made butter doesn’t have any preservatives or chemicals in it, it wont last as long as store bought butter in the fridge. Do not keep it out at room temp! Eat in within a week or two max but don’t worry. You’ll be so excited about making butter and it’s so yummy that it won’t last that week.

YASSS!! Home made butter!!!


Happy Butter Making!!! Try it and tag us on Instagram @heelsinthekitchenng

Love love love


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