little brunch recap…

little brunch recap…

So I don’t blog enough. I know this. I apologize.  I keep wanting to only blog about recipes but then I read other blogs and they are super interesting with little stories about their lives. So I’m gonna give that a try. Luckily my life revolves around food so there will always been food pictures for you.

This weekend was pretty awesome. Hung out with some new people and found my favorite KITCHEN in Lagos. I typed KITCHEN in caps because there are kitchens and then there are KITCHENS. This was a KITCHEN. Big and spacious, all the counter space in the world, a beautiful island with inset drawers and an induction top and a double sink in it. Not to mention a gas top on the wall, two extractors, massive double sink, so much cabinet space and the doors use remote control!! I entered and was looking around with my mouth open. The kitchen was so beautiful I immediately turned to my new best friend and informed him that I was coming to live. I didn’t take pictures cause even for me that would have been too gauche but I was back the next day to hang and they managed to squeeze a free brunch out of me… I wasn’t even mad, I just wanted to cook in there. And it was a beautiful place to cook!

Random pictures taken by Lumimorg Photography. He hates them but sicne my photography skills are on zero, I’m okay with them. lol

Instasize_0531173817 Instasize_0531173857


In case you were wondering, we had rosemary potato and sausage hash, smoked salmon scrambled eggs, bacon, poached eggs, baked beans and waffles.

It was so gewddd

Can’t wait to cook a proper meal in that super amazing kitchen and get back to you guys. I’m thinking herb crusted wild salmon and mushroom risotto. It’s gone be geeeewwwwdddd


Hasta Luego!!



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