Nigerian Fusion Food Tour NFFT 2016

Nigeria is known for several things; her tasteful music, her people’s deep appreciation of football, extravagant weddings and her jollof pride! However, what is least talked about is the wealth of incredible recipes and fresh produce the nation is lucky enough to have at her fingertips. And it’s time the world gets introduced to the Nigerian cuisine.

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Nigerian Fusion Food Tour

The first of it’s kind, the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour presented by Heels in the Kitchen was created with the aim of exporting Nigerian food to a larger crowd. By taking some of our everyday food elements and tweaking them, we hope to raise them to a fine dining standard that not only makes them easier for a non-Nigerian palate to understand but also shows the versatility of our Nigerian ingredients. Basically we are turning Nigerian food into Mede-Mede!

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The Chefs

Chef Imoteda: is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef who has long shared her passion for cooking with family and friends before deciding to share it with the world. She’s the Head Chef at “Heels in the Kitchen” a food service company dedicated to creating unforgettable culinary experiences with a focus on quality ingredients accessible locally.
Instagram: hitkitchenng
Gbubemi Fregene, also known as “Chef Fregz” was born in the south-western Nigerian city of Abeokuta. Fregene left Nigeria in early 2010 to study for a Diploma in Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Paris, France. A school that has, in the past, churned out worldwide cuisine’s finest in the world; including Gaston Acurio, Mario Batali, Simone Beck and David Burtka. At the institute, he learned classical French cooking techniques while also absorbing cultural influences from around the world.
Instagram: chef_fregz

We’re telling the Nigerian food story in our words, on our terms and on your plates. 


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We’re using a variety of cooking styles including French, Italian, and Mediterranean to create one-of-a kind dishes that highlight the Nigerian culinary experience.


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