The Nigerian Fusion Food Tour (NFFT) 2019

The Nigerian Fusion Food Tour is a celebration of Nigerian cultures and flavours. We are bringing Nigerian cuisine to you in new and amazing ways.

Owanbe is a yoruba word which means “It is there". It comes from people saying “party wa n be" meaning “there's a party there!" Now any large party that's guaranteed to be fun is called an Owanbe.

This year we are bringing the owanbe to you! We'll be serving an amazing five course meal that celebrates all the food that is served at an Owambe:

Small Chops

Party Rice



Party Sweets

Looking forward to feeding you!

Tour Dates

Houston (April 14th) | Lagos (To Be Announced) | Abuja (To Be Announced)

The Menu

This year the menu is inspired by the typical dishes that are served at an Owambe. We gave each Chef free reign to interpret each course as they saw fit. Which means this year we are going to experience a new level of creativity in each season. Follow our instagram page to see how the chefs interpreted their course and what the final dish was!

The Chefs

Houston (April 14th) | Lagos (To Be Announced) | Abuja (To Be Announced)

Chef Imoteda is the Head Chef at “Heels in the Kitchen" a food service company that provides private catering and food related media content. She has hosted two cooking shows Urban Kitchen and Heels in the Kitchen. She created The Nigerian Fusion Food Tour in 2016 with a plan to share the amazing tastes and flavors of Nigerian cuisine with the world.

Nigerian born, self taught chef at my early cooking days, I went on to train at the Leith's culinary school of food and wine, After then, going on to train and work at french and Moroccan fusion restaurant; Bistro Vadouvan, Putney. I specialise in traditional and contemporary Nigerian cuisine, combining the core elements of french cooking and my understanding of umami extractions from African spices and ingredients, to create and recreate delectable dishes with the richness of west Africa at its core.

Chef Rera- Biomedical Scientist by day, Chef by night. Rera is the owner of Chops By Rera LLC, a boutique catering company based in the United States. Rera is a self-taught chef with a flair for exquisite food presentation, and has been cooking since she was 12. She is well versed in the art and science of pairing quality wholesome ingredients to create extraordinary dishes.

Tobi Smith is an avid home cook with an MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management, years of experience in the hospitality industry running kitchens, events, market research and supervising hotel operations. Tobi's experience also includes doing various fusion, fine dining private intimate dinners, brunch and dinner pop up events in Dallas and Houston. He is also a food blogger – All I Do Is Cook where he also runs a Nigerian food delivery store, serving all 52 states in America.


Chef Emeka is Executive Head Chef at Hélène’s Food Co in Abuja; a company that creates new experiences exploring Nigerian food and ingredients using French techniques. He has a Grand Diplome in Culinary arts from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Paris.


Ramon is a chef and multidisciplinary artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He was a part of the first year of the NFFT and now he is back! He's bringing some of his experiences from his recent travels to Argentina to this years menu.