Crispy with a chewy centre, soft and cakey or light and crispy all through; chocolate chip cookies are the most amazing comfort snack. You say

I’m super excited about our new videos!!! If you’re not following us on Instagram please do so ASAP! @hitkitchenng The videos give you an idea of

These are the things we used INGREDIENTS 6 Strips of Bacon – cut in 2 6 Sliced Salami 6 Bread Buns 6 Eggs Frisee Mayonnaise

I may be on vacation but that won’t stop me from cooking. The kitchen tempted me to make these two beautiful loaves of banana bread

Guys I totally get the avocado toast hype now. This is amazing! And it’s really simple and easy to make. I made my shrimp last

Weekend Recap: Valentine’s weekend was hectic for us but it was ridiculously fulfilling. Starting with a 3 course dinner at a lovely new client’s home.

Sometimes we like our salads simple, sometimes we throw everything but the kitchen sink in there. Rocket, fennel, Brie, smoked chicken, grapefruit, walnuts and dried

Really easy dinner tonight. Potato and Chorizo hash, sunny side egg and grapefruit. Because cooking should be stress free uno. Good night!

I LOVE WAFFLES!!! Whenever I see a Waffles vs. Pancakes argument pop up online, I just shake my head at those people who think pancakes

We’re all trying to fitfam! Okay I try to fitfam for five minutes then give up because it’s really really REALLY hard. I make brownies

SO I’m absolutely loving banana bread lately. No recipe for this yet though! I like to test things a million times before I share the

So I fell off that fitfam wagon quicker than Ciara got over Future. But I’m back at it (sort of). I promised to share. Today’s