These are the things we used INGREDIENTS 6 Strips of Bacon – cut in 2 6 Sliced Salami 6 Bread Buns 6 Eggs Frisee Mayonnaise

I may be on vacation but that won’t stop me from cooking. The kitchen tempted me to make these two beautiful loaves of banana bread

Guys I totally get the avocado toast hype now. This is amazing! And it’s really simple and easy to make. I made my shrimp last

I LOVE WAFFLES!!! Whenever I see a Waffles vs. Pancakes argument pop up online, I just shake my head at those people who think pancakes

Okay so I’m waayyyy tooo excited by this but whatevs! I’m allowed to be. I made butter the other day. Butter!! In my home. And

So I don’t blog enough. I know this. I apologize.  I keep wanting to only blog about recipes but then I read other blogs and

No that’s not a typo, that’s how I really thought homemade was spelt for the longest time. Please leave me alone. I’m yoruba. I’m not

Honestly when I get hungry, I feel like one of those children of the corn kids. I’m ready to sacrifice every and anything to the