Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: Valentine’s weekend was hectic for us but it was ridiculously fulfilling. Starting with a 3 course dinner at a lovely new client’s home. She had the utmost fate from the beginning and reminded me at least twice to bring business cards to give to her guests. That kind of faith before ever having tasted our cooking before is just heart warming and made us convinced to create the best meal ever.

We had come to her on referral and we were reminded why we make sure that our customers not only get great food but also great personality and service. You can serve the best meal and have clients never call you back because of attitude.

We served a dinner in December that was supposed to start at 7pm but by TWELVE am we were still sending plates out and food was finished. I thought the client would destroy us and my career especially since after clean up and everything, we didn’t leave her house till 3am.

Guess what? This same client has referred us to at least 5 other people and has also used our services after that.

Is that not just God in action?

At the end of the day you product isn’t what you sell or cook or make?

You are your product and if people believe in you, you’re already half way to success.


Thank you @catherinebickersteth for letting us serve you and your guests this weekend. We’re so glad you enjoyed it.
Starter. Pan seared scallops served with mushroom triangolino, pumpkin cream, red caviar and frisée.

It was so delicious.

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